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Nine-year-old girl dies after violent attack by two dogs

A nine-year-old girl died after a violent attack by two dogs

On Wednesday, April 12, a nine-year-old girl was the victim of a fatal attack by two dogs in the city of Daule in the Ecuadorian province of Guayas. The case shocked local residents and authorities.

The incident happened when the child’s parent was out of the house for a while. The child was playing in the presence of two dogs in the backyard of the house. Next door neighbors started after that. Neighbors next door started to hear screaming coming from the house.

The State Prosecutor’s Office said on Thursday that it had already accepted the statement of the minor’s parents. Authorities are also awaiting the results of an autopsy on the victim to determine the appropriate line of investigation.

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The goal of the investigation that the authorities have launched is to determine with certainty the circumstances under which the little girl died. Apart from that, the authorities are also investigating whether it exists. type of negligence in this case that contributed to the events that occurred.

According to the police officer, “the dogs tore her hands, part of her nose and mouth. One of the bites threatened an artery in her neck and the girl unfortunately bled to death.

As for the dogs responsible for the attack, they were beaten to death by three men who tried to stop them from escaping. All this in the belief that they could become prey to other children in the area.

Source : Capture Instagram

Does race play a role?

A study published in the journal Science last year showed that a dog’s behavior does not depend only on its genetics.

“When you adopt When you adopt a dog based on its breed, you get a dog that looks a certain way. But when it comes to behavior, it’s a bit of a luck of the draw,” explained one expert in an interview with the journal Research and Science.

The research compared surveys of more than 18,000 dog owners and analyzed the DNA sequences of 2,155 dogs. He found that genetics had little effect on behavior. In fact, the main determining factor is “the personality of the environment in which he lives. But also the way he was raised.

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