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Optical illusion: if you have eagle eyesight, find the word “Flow” between the words “Flaw” in 15 seconds.

What do you mean by « optical illusion »?

Optical illusions are images or photographs that appear to be something they are not. In other words, optical illusions occur when the information our eyes communicate to our brain causes us to perceive something that is not real.

The brain chooses which parts of the visual information from the eye to focus on. The layers of the image may be represented differently depending on the focus. A person may perceive elements of an image that are not actually present due to physiological illusions. The same image or pattern reappears in these photographs.

Hidden word Flow detection Optical illusion

Observing optical illusions is an excellent technique to train your mind to look beyond the obvious and consider ideas that don’t immediately occur to you. Optical illusions help you develop your cognitive and observational skills.

We have encountered many puzzles and optical illusions that have confused us and tested our intelligence. But solving them brings a new kind of joy. If you enjoy solving optical illusions that can be both fun and challenging for adults and children, then this Flow hidden word optical illusion is for you.

Try to find the Flow hidden word

The optical illusion helps an individual to reveal his basic personality traits based on what he initially observes to test his IQ and observation skills in timed experiments. This time it involves a bat, which appears to be a standard design.

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You try to solve it, regardless of your age, and congratulate yourself if you succeed quickly. We try to find their solutions, which often irritates us. But we still accept the challenges that are thrown at us. Take a look at the picture below.

Did you find the elusive word “Flow”?

Numerous studies have shown that there is a link between getting smarter and how often you engage your brain in puzzles and optical illusions.

You can be considered smart and perceptive if you find the bat in less than 5 seconds, or even if it takes you longer but you eventually get to it.

Did you find the elusive word Flow?

It’s okay if you can’t find the solution; we’ll give it to you. But if you can’t find the word Flow in 5 seconds, you need to develop your powers of observation. Similar optical illusions will help you. If optical illusions make you feel good, then have fun with other articles about optical illusions.

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