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Owner abandons his dog on the street after 10 years and leaves a heartbreaking letter!

A gentleman abandons his dog on the street after 10 years and leaves a heartbreaking letter!

This story tells the tragic fate of a cute black labrador. He was found tied up alone at the gate of the Jasmil kennel in Upchurch. The person who spotted the dog also noticed a letter from his owner on his fur ball. And what was written on it was very touching. Read about it in this issue!

Dog: The cause of his abandonment is terrifying!

There can be many reasons why dog owners abandon their pets. Some change their minds and leave their dog due to lack of budget. Others decide to dump them on the street just because they can no longer find a pet. The meaning of their upbringing.

But other reasons there may be more cruel reasons. Like in the case of the black dog tied to a church door in the UK. His owner decided to dump him on the street after living with him for ten years straight.

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The reason for the abandonment was just as tragic as it was terrible… The owner left the following note on the dog: “He never learned to be good.” In other words, he gave up his pet because he didn’t think his dog was kind enough to him.

According to this owner, the dog’s behavior was incomprehensible. This was despite their many years of living together. Subsequently, the owner asked the person who would find him.to take the dog with him.

Swale City Council Stray Dog Services to the rescue!

The person who found the dog contacted Swale City Council Stray Dog Services to deal with the case. According to the BBC, the first priority is to find the owner of the dog. The aim is to shed more light on the situation, but also to find out the real reason for the abandonment.

However, the dog has not been microchipped. This has led to complicating the search for those responsible. According to the organization, the owner’s motive was not tangible.

She felt that a dog that could not be trained did not deserve to be abandoned. It would have been better to give it directly to a third party than to leave it on the street. And again, it should not be a decision taken lightly.

The organization has therefore asked anyone who can help with the search to come forward and help them contact the owner. The association is also trying to conduct its own investigation on its own. And fortunately, its persistence has borne fruit.

Source : Capture Instagram

The association found the owner of the dog!

Recently, Swale Council’s Stray Dog Service posted a notice on the internet. On social media, it said the dog’s owner had been found… This way, officials were able to get more information about what really happened.

But first, the organisation placed the Labrador in a safe place. After that, the association intends to investigate the case once and for all in a proper and appropriate manner. We are still eagerly awaiting the continuation of this tragic story of an abandoned dog.

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