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Pay attention to your dog’s attitude, your pet is talking to you.

Ears, tails, fur, paws and eyes tell you how your dog is feeling and what his wants and needs are. If you learn to fully understand your pet, your relationship will be much happier. In addition, it can help you detect abnormal behavior or reveal symptoms of disease. “It is important to remember that they are not machines, but beings capable of experiencing complex emotions, just like us,” says Claudia Liliana Rodríguez, an expert on veterinary ethology.

In the case of dogs, each one has its own personality. For example, some are submissive and others are dominant.

Calm and friendly

Identifying when dogs express that they feel relaxed helps determine the right circumstances for petting and closeness.

“They generally maintain a natural position with a loose tail and relaxed ears,” says Rodriguez.

If excited by the arrival of its master, it can wag its tail quite quickly, its ears are erect or slightly tilted back, but it is never tense. In addition, he may huff or whine a little.

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When dogs are in the mood for fun, they adopt a very characteristic position that encourages play. They have their head and chest resting on the ground and their front legs extended in front of them. On . They raise their tails as a kind of obeisance inviting play, both to their masters and to other people or animals.

In these situations, dogs may also adopt alert positions, with ears pricked and eyes fixed on some point, because they are attentive or very focused on the game. Additionally, some harmless growling can be expected during this activity.

Discomfort and aggression

When an animal perceives a threat or does not like something, it can manifest itself in different ways. Aggression can thus be a reaction to this unpleasant situation.

In this case, the dog looks at what bothers him. His pupils dilate, he straightens, the fur on his back stands up, his tail stiffens and rises, his ears stand up.

They usually show their teeth, although this can also happen when they are afraid. They make several growls. Also, the louder and higher they growl, the more embarrassed they are.

Fear and anxiety

Your pet can be frightened by very simple things such as noise, the presence of an animal or a stranger. These stimuli evoke special reactions.

In reality, it crouches down, avoids looking at the source of its fear, folds its ears, and hides its tail. In some cases, it shows the belly as a sign of surrender and non-attack.

Depression and illness

Dogs generally reduce their activity and spend the day napping. They eat half-heartedly and have little desire to play or interact with others.

Source : Capture Instagram

Take the time to read the signals your dog is sending you and build a strong and loving relationship with him.

What is wrong with your dog?

When your pet lies on the ground and shows its belly, it is a sign of respect and submission to another person or animal. In fact, dominance conflicts with other dogs are a sign of respect and submission. A natural part of dog behavior.

If, on the other hand, your dog is too anxious, panting and excited, treat him only when he calms down.

Also, children under the age of 6 have difficulty understanding the body signals of domestic animals. So don’t leave them alone with them.

Last but not least, avoid staring at the dog for a long time, as it may make him feel uncomfortable or even threatened.

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