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Personality test: are you positive or negative in life?

In the personality test below, 2 characters are shown: a male face and a female face. The first shape that catches your attention will help you determine whether you tend to be more of a positive or negative person in your life. The goal is to learn to understand yourself better so that you can evolve. You will also be able to understand how some of the people in your environment function.

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Interpretation of the female silhouette

The first painting that caught your eye was a female figure? So you are probably a very charismatic person… Indeed, you are a positive energy that you do not hesitate to share with others, even with complete strangers. You’re that friend who always has the right words to put a smile on someone’s face and cheer them up. Some members of your family and some friends see you as a loyal confidant. Betrayal or pettiness is not part of your way of being… Although you have been betrayed in the past, you prefer to refrain from behavior that you consider harmful. And in this regard, it is to your credit that you remain true to your principles and do not allow anger to overwhelm you. You are convinced that one always pays for one’s actions in the end.

That’s why you prefer to sow good cheer, joy and positivity around you… Even people you just met define you as positive after one conversation. Also, it should be added that you don’t pretend. You are a real person whose authenticity shines through when you are in a group of people. Hypocrisy is far from second nature to you, and you are suspicious of people who display it.

Although you are a positive person, that doesn’t mean you let yourself be pushed around. When someone hurts you, you don’t hesitate to go up to them and tell them. If the person apologizes sincerely, you let it go. But if he continues to do bad things, you cut all ties with him. You want to maintain a positive attitude and you realize that you will achieve this by interacting with negative people as little as possible.

As well as being a loyal person, you take the time to listen to people. and you give them good advice. Whenever possible, make sure you support your loved ones. When they need encouragement, they know you’re the right person for the situation. You are a caring personThis is a character trait that should not change. Make sure you keep it!

Interpretation of a man’s face

If the man’s face drew your attention to the picture, you may be considered a threatening individual. This means that you are uncompromising in your every decision. You are not a person who would compromise no matter what it takes. People around you define you as a rigid and negative person. The fact is that you always see the negative side of things and are pessimistic. Because of this implacable side, you are very intolerant of other people’s mistakes and have difficulty admitting your own mistakes.

You are always looking for something that is wrong so that you can grumble about it. At work, you are known as a grouch who complains about many things. With your somewhat rude and crude remarks, it is difficult for those around you to perceive you as a positive person.. If you are thinking of improving your interpersonal relationships, we recommend you work on this aspect of your personality. Since you are called to live in society, it is important to develop healthier relationships with others. Your negative attitude is only bad if it affects people. This is justified, for example, by your derogatory remarks.

Everyone can have their own opinion. However, it should not harm others. To this end, it is advisableto learn to choose words better. It is true that people can make bad choices or act stupidly. But if you want to convince them that what they are doing is wrong, be sure not to do it with insults or rudeness. Word choice is important when you want to convey a message to someone. Maybe the reason you are negative towards others is because you are negative towards yourself. Try talking a little kinder to yourself. and you’ll notice a big difference in your social interactions.


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