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Personality test: bottle or house, what you see first reveals who you really are

In today’s visual test you will be able to choose between the bottle and the house. These elements are present in the image below. Which one did you notice first? Based on your choice, we will prompt you to read the interpretation. The purpose of this personality test is to help you determine what type of personality you are. As a result, you are likely to discover many personality traits that you may not have known about, while others will seem obvious to you!

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If you were drawn to the bottle in this test picture, you should know that… you excel at being rational. You have the most relentless logic that makes you hard to manipulate. Your analytical mind allows you to assess the risks associated with any situation. You are considered trustworthy in the workplace. You weigh the pros and cons so everyone can step back and… make the best decision. You very rarely give in to your impulsiveness, because distancing yourself is almost automatic for you.

For example, when you are angry, even though you feel like exploding in rage, you don’t express yourself on the spot. First you analyse the situation. You look for the right words to convey the right message to the other person. Yet you have a certain flaw that often upsets those close to you: you find it difficult to admit your mistakes… Because of your analytical mind, it is very difficult for you to admit that you were wrong on one point or another. Therefore, you can be somewhat arrogant, which sometimes prevents you from facing reality.

Know that mistakes do not make you a bad person, on the contrary! Anyone can make a mistake. In fact, if we did not make mistakes, we would not be human beings, but almost celestial beings. Learn to accept that you are not exempt from this rule… But this should not prevent you from going on and trying your best. When you have “off” days, don’t give up, persevere, keep going. By adopting this attitude, you give yourself the right to make mistakes, but essentially you will be able to sincerely apologize if you make a mistake.


If you have decided on a house in the visual test, it seems that you have decided on a house. A humble and generous person towards your surroundings… With your heart on your sleeve, you help those in need and always try your best. That doesn’t mean you help them at your expense, far from it! Over time, you have learned to make yourself a priority.. reaching out to others should not hinder your progress in your own life.

It should be clear that you are part of those who are happy to bite! You believe that time on Earth is limited, so you should make the most of it and enjoy it. You are adventurers by nature, you like to travel and gain new experiences. In your eyes, these experiences help you grow and become the person of your dreams.

You don’t let others or your doubts hold you back when it comes to making a project happen. You have never been afraid of challenges, so you will take on any challenge if it seems interesting to your development. Many of those close to you hold you in high regard and even consider you someone who is. a reference to follow. Rarely do you worry on a daily basis because you are convinced that more worry will not solve the problem.

You are admired for your somewhat peculiar way of life because you are not limited by your altruism. You remain polite, courteous and friendly to anyone who approaches you. You know who you can trust. There are very few people who really know you, who know how you work, and who are particularly valuable to you. You’ve been through ups and downs with them and they’ve never let you down. It is important for a good life balance to surround yourself with people with whom you feel free to be yourself. They know us, yet they remain loyal to us. Not everyone has such gems, so make sure you stay on good terms with them.

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