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Personality test: cat or heart? Your choice will reveal your tendency to be self-centered.


In today’s personality test, we will help you find out if you are a self-centered person or not. You can be self-centered, but to a greater or lesser extent. This is what is meant by egocentrism, that tendency to care only about oneself, to always put oneself first.. In any case, thanks to the visual test below, you will get the answer to this question, as well as some advice about your behavior in general. The principle of the test is very simple: look at the picture for a few seconds and then read the interpretation that relates to what you saw.

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Is that a picture of a cat that caught your eye in this personality test? Then, your level of egocentrism is rather lower.. That’s because you’re a considerate person. You are attentive to the needs of others and appreciate them when you have the opportunity. Unlike very self-centered people, you are pleasant to be around. You don’t always like to be the center of attention, and when necessary, you also give priority to your colleagues. This means that if you can speak well of them in front of your colleagues, don’t hesitate to do so.

So you are an altruistic person who values your loved ones.. You are a pleasure to talk to because you take the time to really listen to different opinions. Even if you don’t necessarily agree with all the arguments, you allow people to share their opinions. Very easy to talk to and have a productive conversation with.. Whether it’s a light theme or something a little deeper, you’re cool with it all! You hate being cut off while you try to be the same with others.

When you’re not allowed to express yourself, sometimes you get carried away more than necessary, and that’s understandable. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended that youlearn to tame more. The key is to step back from the situation and especially the person you are talking to. They may not realize you’ve been cut off. You should feel free to contact them. Of course, if you notice that the person you are talking to is deliberately disrespecting you, let them know in a firm way and without breaking their voice.


If you are drawn to a picture of a heart, you seem to be egocentric. In fact, you feel that there is still enough for you. This trait is not only negative because you always put yourself first. You put your well-being first, so if you don’t feel like doing something, for example, you just say no. You can’t be forced to say or do something you don’t want to do. You cannot be forced to say or do anything you do not want to do. This is one of your most important qualities and one of the reasons why you command the respect of some people around you.

On the other hand, it’s also one of the reasons why you’re not. not always welcomed by their colleagues. It’s true that you leave them unscrupulously when you’re having a bad day. You have already come into conflict with some of them because you have not been able to complete the project. You only deal with matters that concern you and often, if not always, put yourself first. It is true that you have many qualities and you are an incredible person in your own way. However, if you try to outshine others, you will find yourself alone. Everyone deserves their place in the sun, their moment of glory, their moment to shine. And you, by trying too hard to find the sun, risk getting burned.

Not being the center of attention doesn’t mean you’re a failure or invisible.. We strongly recommend that you work on this character trait, even if it means consulting with a professional, someone who can accompany you each week to guide you toward the changes you seek. If you continue on the same path, you run the risk of not being respected anymore. Shining is completely pointless if no one is around you. The victories or successes of others do not prevent you from winning your own, nor do they make them trivial. You have to learn to accept this fact in order to live better with others.

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