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Personality test: determine your shape and find out your character traits related to self-confidence

The Internet is a database for a large number of personality tests! Do you want to discover your different personality traits? What you need is a test! The one we present to you today will help you. identify your self-esteem issues if you have any. Simply identify the shape in the image below. Depending on your choice, check the interpretations for more information.

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Smiling face

Those who have seen the smiling face are beings. kind and caring. You never hesitate to reach out to someone in need. You spend time listening to people who come to you to find solutions to their problems. This shows how much you care about them. altruistic and willing to help. You never rush to judgement, preferring to make up your own mind about a person’s personality.

You are one to give your trust easilyand even give people a second chance after they have been hurt. You believe that to err is human and that everyone has the right to try to fix it. You’ve been betrayed before, but that hasn’t made you lose faith in humanity. You are convinced that there are still trustworthy people who can love you as much as you love them. It is important to emphasize that you are very well surrounded. Those you care about put as much effort into the relationship as you do.

What you don’t like is injustice. You refuse to be accused of something you didn’t do. This inner fear comes from a past event that left a negative impression on you. Maybe you even had a conflict with someone because of her because the accusation was completely unfounded. Fortunately, it didn’t make you bitter. You remain a generous and selfless person who refuses to be defined by your past. You should know that your loved ones admire you for these qualities. You are a role model for them, especially because you give very good advice!

However, it seems that you feel lonely at times. One of your biggest fears is that you won’t find someone who will understand and accept you for who you are. Rest assured that if such a person is not already in your life, he will be soon! You will find the right person for you. But in the meantime, don’t stop doing good around you. However, learn to appreciate your presence, to find a certain satisfaction in your solitude.


Did your attention focus directly on the moon? It simply means that you are a romantic. You are a lover of love. The very idea of love excites you. That is why you are very affectionate towards the people around you. For example, in your personal life, you are a friend who never hesitates to comfort others. You have love to give, and the people you care about are the first to benefit.

However, you have great difficulty trusting others This is reflected in your behavior. You are suspicious when a complete stranger tries to approach you. And even though you’re romantic, that doesn’t mean you’ll open your heart to just anyone. In fact, you tend to keep your feelings and emotions to yourself.

You never show your feelingsYou make sure that the person in front of you is more or less trustworthy. Before anything else, you make sure that the person in front of you is more or less trustworthy. You are well aware that not everyone is out to get you. You’ve had your heart broken once before and you don’t want to experience it again. That’s why you’re always on the lookout. But once you open the door of your heart, you give yourself to the other person body and soul.

You are not ashamed to be affectionate, caring and loving. But before you get to that stage, you put the chosen one through a few tests to make sure it’s worth it. Of course it’s not easy to trust. Nevertheless, it is necessary to learn to open faster. Because you risk losing the love of your life if you allow yourself to be overwhelmed by doubts and questions. You won’t find perfection in love, but if the other person is willing to invest in the relationship and show loyalty under all circumstances, go for it!

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