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Personality test: how you see a person in profile or from the front reveals your true character

Personality tests have become very popular in recent years. This is understandable, as they help us discover and learn more about ourselves. In the following test, 2 photos are linked together. The one you instinctively perceive will represent your personality. We all have a part of ourselves that we don’t show to others, a part that defines us. We may be aware of it, but not always. So if you want to learn more about who you are, this test could be a great help.

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The man in the profile

Have you seen the profile of the man in the picture? It shows that you are a reserved person, described as shy. You are particularly uncomfortable with eye contact, especially with strangers. Therefore, you hate public speaking because you are afraid of not being able to look people in the eye. When people talk to you, you prefer to avoid looking at the person you are talking to and focus on their mouth or nose. You seem to have very little confidence…

You are also afraid of committing. You don’t see yourself in the relationship for fear of the intimacy it provides. You find it very difficult to open up to others and therefore have very few friends in your circle. Your loved ones know your personality and respect you as you are. However, it is advisable to learn how to approach others. Why? Simply because it is necessary in certain situations and you can not hide forever. There is a wonderful light coming out of you and it would be a shame not to reveal it to the world.

It won’t be easy at first. But with practice you will find it easier to let people into your life. Your ambitions include stepping out of your comfort zone and beginning to make connections with other people. Your reclusive nature has its charms. Still, it’s high time you discovered other things.

Practice opening yourself up to the world, start by gradually venturing off the beaten path.. If you’re not used to working in a team, try to find a partner and gradually expand your horizons. You’ll find that with practice you’ll feel a little more comfortable in public, so you’ll eventually be able to look people in the eye. You won’t even be afraid to speak in front of a lot of people.

A man’s face

Is it more of a front man that catches your attention? This means that you are a very outgoing person who is not afraid of the public… You have great self-confidence, which makes it easy for you to speak up and defend your opinions. You are known for being honest and saying things the way you mean them. Many people feel that you have no inhibitions, which can sometimes lead to awkward situations. In fact, you are not shy about telling others the truth, which can lead to repeated conflicts.

We recommend working on this character trait. It’s not about agreeing with everything everyone says, but learning to choose your words better. Isn’t your goal to get your message across to the person you’re talking to? To achieve this, it’s best to set the right tone and use more thoughtful words… Be sure it doesn’t detract from your authenticity, but it does allow others to listen to you a little more. What makes you special is that you are not afraid to look people in the eye, regardless of their social status. You speak your mind without hesitation because honesty is more important to you than anything else. But as mentioned, if you want to make a real difference, your choice of words plays an important role.

It should be added that you are a particularly intuitive person. You know when to react and what project to take on. It is very rare that you miss an opportunity. Usually, thanks to your impressive intuition, you manage to seize it long before others. Despite your very social side, you are a very competitive person and never get discouraged. You are not afraid to take the initiative. And if your decision ends in failure, you take it as a lesson.


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