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Personality test: the first character you see says a lot about you

In the personality test below, we talk about self-esteem, which here translates into self-confidence and the ability to reach out to others. You may feel that you are very confident when the reality is different without you being aware of it… That is why this visual test was created. The first picture you notice will help you to know yourself better and approach people better.

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If you saw a glass, it means you have some self-esteem issues. And this can be felt when you enter into a discussion with a third party, you are very insecure. It manifests itself by the fact that you are often at a loss for words or that you are confused when explaining. You have many doubts, especially when making decisions. You ask yourself a thousand and one questions, so it makes you uneasy. You are always wondering what will happen if you make the wrong decision, and you never think about the positives.

Yet, like everyone else, you certainly have good instincts ! But it’s possible that you just don’t use yours enough ! You worry about unimportant things that don’t even deserve your attention. This makes it difficult for you to get a complete picture of the situation. You only focus on the negative things and this way of thinking needs to change. At least if you want to move on with your life. Learn to trust your instincts because they are often right.

To do that, you have to practice gradually. Ignore that little voice inside you that only tells you negative things, and… Listen to the positive one, the one who speaks to you kindly and shows you the way. Incredible things are waiting for you, but your doubts are keeping you from experiencing them. You too deserve to shine. So do not let negative words stand in the way of your light.

Music note

For those who have noticed the musical note, the interpretation is simple: You are confident in your every action. You are confident that everything will work out because you are an optimistic person. You are also a very caring person. Whether at work or at home, you pay attention to detail. You make sure that everything is perfect, presentable and meets your expectations. Your ability to observe impresses many people in your environment. Nothing escapes you, not even the most subtle things. Your colleagues enjoy working with you because they know you have all the skills needed to complete a project.

The confidence you exude makes you a go-to person for many people. A born leader. You give every member of your team the importance they deserve. You don’t neglect anyone, so everyone feels valued by spending time with you. You have such a sense of responsibility that those around you admire you. You are a very organized person and you know how to put things in perspective. You are also very compassionate towards others. You can put yourself in their shoes and find solutions to their problems.

That’s why no one hesitates to surrender to you. They know that you are able to listen and analyze and can calm the people around you in an instant. Just because you’re understanding doesn’t mean you can’t be tough when necessary. If someone tries to take advantage of your kindness, let them know you won’t be fooled! This will often earn you the respect of those around you at all times.

You rarely let your emotions get the better of you, you know how to control them. It’s not that you hide your feelings, but you always have the right words to express them. You don’t consider yourself perfect and you are not proud at all. You are simply a person who is trying to work on yourself to become better than you were the day before… You carefully monitor your progress because you feel you are not yet where you should be. It is certain that you are on the right track and that you should not get discouraged in the middle of the journey!

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