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Personality test: what you see first reveals how you handle your emotions

In the following personality test, two shapes are shown in the figure. All you have to do is identify one of them. When you have finished, it is recommended that you go to the explanations and read the explanation that relates to your choice. This will help you determine if you are a demonstrative person or if, on the other hand, you experience difficulty expressing your feelings. Rest assured that there is no right or wrong answer. In addition, we will provide you with some guidelines that you can follow to make the necessary changes in your life.

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If you saw a bear in the test picture, it means that yes, you are having trouble expressing your emotions. This is a result of your past traumas. It means that you have never been given the opportunity to express yourself freely. So today, you consider emotions and all that goes with them to be weakness. When you are unhappy, for example, you are very quick to look for a way to escape that sadness. You do not face it because you are afraid that it will overwhelm you and make you too vulnerable. So we can say you suppress your emotions every time you try to come out.

This is not necessarily the right method because even if you ignore the emotion, it is still there. Sooner or later you end up having an over the top risk of overreacting to a harmless situation. Have you ever seen someone cry for no apparent reason? That’s exactly the kind of reaction it causes when we put our feelings aside. It is recommended to practice putting words to how you feel. Admittedly, this will be difficult at first. But as you practice, it will become easier for you to talk about your emotions. Remember, this does not mean weakness. Besides, assuming one’s feelings are not given to everyone!

Let’s end with another characteristic of you: you are someone who protects the people you care about. You are always looking out for their well-being so that they feel safe with you. Let’s add that you are a generous person who has a heart up your sleeve, even when you have trouble showing emotion.


Is this the guitar that caught your eye in this personality test? It seems that you are someone very kind who has no difficulty in showing emotions. But paradoxically, the idea of a romantic relationship with someone scares you. You’ve already had your heart broken, so you’re helpless and clueless. So you like to reveal yourself, but only from people you fully trust. You don’t hesitate to tell them what you’re feeling, whether it’s anger, joy, sadness or even fear. On the other hand, when it comes to talking to a romantic partner, it’s trickier.

You’re afraid of being betrayed or having your moments of vulnerability used against you. You’ll do well to be on guard, yet it’s recommended to learn to open up more to a potential love relationship. It is certainly possible that the person will betray your trust, just as it is likely that they will not. It all depends on the type of individual you are building a relationship with. It can be difficult to build a healthy romantic relationship. But it is still possible, provided both individuals are willing to trust each other to do so.

To continue, you are someone very extroverted. This means that you are easily approachable and just as easy to approach people. Your presence calms others because you always find a way to improve the mood. You also seem to be an adventurer because you often seek out new experiences. What matters most to you is discovering new people, new cultures.

Having a few bad experiences along the way doesn’t bother you. In your eyes, they are heading to serve as lessons to you. You are also a very kind person, your generosity is one of the reasons that lead a large number of people to reach out to you. While there is nothing wrong with reaching out to others, learn to say no when necessary to save yourself.

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