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Personality test: what you see first reveals your level of stubbornness

When you have an idea in mind, do you never give up until you get it right? In order to have a sincere answer, the following personality test is a real ally. It will help you to know if you are a generally stubborn person or not. This type of quiz can be a tool during a job interview, for example, because it will allow you to argue in front of the employer if he asks you to talk about yourself. But the essence of this test is to help you to know yourself better and to gauge your personal evolution.

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The scissors

Those who have seen the scissors probably have clear and defined objectives in mind. You are the kind of person who makes sure that their projects are perfectly implemented, and you are very meticulous. You are so convinced of the rightness of your thoughts that you become stubborn when someone contradicts you. You like to outdo each other with arguments that support your ideas. Very often, you find it hard to admit you are wrong, even when you have evidence to prove it. This is a trait you need to work on, and more so if you want to grow in your life.

We are not asking you to give up your principles, far from it. But it is important that you learn to take a different view of things. The fact that you are an ambitious person, you should not give up. But your stubbornness must be moderated in order to achieve your life goals. You don’t have absolute knowledge, and you may be going about things the wrong way at times, which is why some projects don’t seem to succeed. Even if you persist in doing the same thing over and over again, it’s not likely to pay off.

In the end, you’ll be treading water and wasting a lot of your time! Learn to accept constructive criticism from those around you. You may not agree with them, but analyze the lessons you could learn. Know that there is always something to learn from others, and that’s how you can bring about the change you want. Try to be a little more humble, more open-minded. This will help you grow. Otherwise, your stubbornness may precede your fall!

The cat

You are a person who meets with great success in the projects that you undertake. This is provided, of course, that the projects you undertake do not create conflicts around you, for you hate arguing with people. You have such a horror of disagreements that you sometimes give in easily to avoid a difference of opinion. Therefore, although you have your own ideas, you are not stubborn in your decision making. As soon as someone contradicts you, you tend to withdraw and agree, regardless of whether the other person is right or wrong. You only argue with your peers when there is no other way out, and you feel like standing up to them. Because sometimes you just can’t stand to stay silent and in your corner when someone denigrates your revolutionary ideas.

The fact that you don’t always let people walk all over you is a good thing. Nevertheless, try to do this more routinely. You are unique in that your open-mindedness makes you open to constructive criticism. But because of your reserved nature, if other people don’t take your thoughts into account, you don’t defend them very much. In the world of work, this can be harmful, because you need to be convincing. Be careful, the goal is not to become a proud person. Learn to speak up, while being respectful to your colleagues.

Accept the fact that they may not always agree with you, but if your instincts tell you that your thoughts deserve to be heard, go for it! And keep in mind that people won’t always like you. Some people won’t mind your thoughts, but just because they don’t like you, they will try to put you down. That’s why it is recommended to be more assertive.

Finally, you are also known for your generosity and the greatness of your heart. This characteristic must be preserved at all costs. But you should not let yourself be abused by others either. Always find the right balance. The expression “too good too bad” can be applied to your life if you don’t set limits for those around you.

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