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She brings her ugly cat to the shelter: « Tell me thank you I didn’t euthanize him »

The cat’s owner came to the shelter and insisted that he be admitted. She explained that she found him very ugly and that he scared her children. Read this content to find out her full story!

Cat: This little abandoned cat is a victim of eye disease!

This cat had symptoms of an eye infection with symptoms visible upon first observation. However, the cause of this infection remained unclear. This raised many questions!

In addition, the owner of this furball claimed that it scared everyone. Was it because of its vulnerable appearance or because its eyes were affected by the infection?

According to its owner, the cat’s illness began suddenly and inexplicably. The symptoms also manifested themselves in an unexpected way. She was therefore looking for an explanation to understand the situation.

Source : Capture Instagram

The woman also raised her voice by scolding shelter workers. They were confused and did not understand why she had decided to abandon the poor cat. Moreover, it is in this situation that she needs her support the most.

This adorable kitty was taken to an animal shelter.

The cat’s owner had no intention of caring for her pet. She only wanted to suggest volunteers to take care of him and provide him with appropriate care. She stated, “Tell me thank you for not euthanizing him..”

From that moment on, his furry companion was taken to the shelter for him. The characteristics of this ball of fur helped him to integrate. Human companionship suited this cat.

Source : Capture Instagram

Yet this pet still lived poorly because of watery eyes. Although his infection also seemed to be subsiding, it was difficult to determine if this was having any effect on his health. effect on his eyesight.

The shelter will find this abandoned cat a foster home who will love him unconditionally despite his appearance. It must be said that affection for a furry animal matters a great deal. And it shouldn’t be limited to its outward appearance.

Source : Capture Instagram

Cat: A family that is willing to love its little flaws!

When the cat first appeared in a new environment, he quickly emerged. The heart of his family. The fur ball attracted children and adults alike. In addition, the parents decided to adopt this cute cat to teach their children a commitment to animals.

Before you adopt a cat or other pet, first make sure you intend to dedicate to it. Affection and attention. Here is a specific example you can follow to help your cat blossom. At the very least, we can say that this cat was very lucky to be in a family that can fully appreciate him. We hope he is doing well thanks to the care he is receiving!

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