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She encounters a wild bear and it closes the door behind her (video)

A woman has become a wild bear’s new friend. As if that wasn’t enough, she taught him how to close the entrance to her house with his mouth. The video has already gone viral and has over 250,000 views on YouTube.

Susan Kehoe heard strange noises outside her house. So without thinking, she went to see what was going on. When she opened the door, she met a bear. In the presence of this animal, the woman did not panic and politely asked: “Could you please close the door for me?”

In the footage, Susan calls the animal “Mr. Bear”.. “You have to finally close the door, cold air is flowing in,” warns the woman. A few minutes later the animal obeyed.

Video on social networks

The video was shared last week on YouTube and already has 255,800 views. “Bears are so smart! This bear learned to lock the front door of my house,” Susan Kehoe wrote in her post. The woman turned off the option to comment.

Source : Capture Instagram

Susan and her relationship with animals

It’s not the first time. Susan Kehoe has posted videos with bears. He campaigns on social networks for the welfare of wild animals in forests. In 2010, she was even sentenced to a year’s probation and fined $1,250 for obstructing state biologists who were trying to “put the bear to sleep so they could replace its radio collar.”

Source : Capture Instagram

What are the reasons why bears attack people?

According to experts, “there are two types of attacks on humans. First, there is a defensive attack to defend another bear cub or a food source.

Similarly, a bear can attack even if you scare it. It can actually happen that you go around the corner of a house and suddenly find yourself several meters away from a bear. The bear then immediately reacts with an attack.

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