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She rescued this dog and drives him to work every day, they are inseparable

The dog wears his own uniform. The friendship between a dog and its owner can overcome any adversity. It is known that the behavior of these animals makes them considered the most suitable animal for socializing with humans.

The statement above can be further explained by the following story. This one really shows how strong the bond between a master and his dog can be. It is the story of Hilda and Chat.

Her name is Hilda and her companion is her dog Chato.

A year ago she found him on the street and adopted him , explains the young woman who filmed this curious scene with her mobile phone. The pictures show the dog wearing a uniform similar to that of its owner.

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A woman named Ruth Hernandez was deeply moved by the presence of this small dog next to its owner. This one was actually involved in this scene, which also happened in Peru. And more specifically in the locality of Cieneguilla.

Image source: pinterest

When you see the city clean, you know who you owe it to. Her name is Hilda and she works every day with her dog, Boring. She found him on the street a year ago and adopted him,” Ruth explains in her social media post.

Image source: pinterest

Within hours, the video went viral with more than 230,000 views, 60,000 likes and 1,400 comments. Everyone also admired the work and support of this adorable working dog.

Best co-worker, Cutest thing I’ve seen today, “Oh how cute is he when his uniform helps mom”, “They are both beautiful, cooperative and well dressed” and “This little dog is like me, pretending to work “. This dog, who accompanies his owner to work, has really touched internet users. Moreover, he does not spend long hours alone at home. The beautiful life of a dog who supports his mistress at all times.

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There really is no doubt that dogs are the best companions.

Adopt, save a life and make a friend. To read more articles like this, we recommend visiting the Animals category.

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