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Shelter rescued this giant wolfdog, DNA test shows why he’s so big

Not all unusual inhabitants of our planet became extinct during the time of the dinosaurs. Most of us believed that our distant ancestors had exterminated them. This might be possible given the dangers that were present. And in any case, we don’t know the real reasons for their spread. But think again, extraordinary beings still live on Earth today! And this giant werewolf is one of them!

Dog: Giant animals exist today!

After the spread of the dinosaurs, people began to believe that animals like them would no longer exist! Of course, it would be difficult to meet the wild and gigantic creatures again today. However, the dog just threw an exception !

In addition to this giant dog, other unusual animals live on earth. We just didn’t get a chance to meet any of them. Today we will have that opportunity with this one at the top of the list. great wolfhound !

Wild animals are supposed to live in the wild in biodiversity. It should not be part of the lives of pets. And this is even more prohibited if the pet is a crossbreed.

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However, this is not the case with this dog. The giant known as Yuki. Many owners took care of him, but they all gave up when the animal was younger. As a result, the giant wolf found himself on the street at his young age!

Yuki was saved by the shelter staff!

The dog’s owners dumped him when he was 8 months old. They decided to do so because it seemed to them that the animal was too big and took up too much space. So they sent the giant wolf straight to the slaughterhouse.

But the killing was called off when the staff of the Shy Wolf shelter arrived on the scene. They mainly intervened to save the animal. Their intervention could have saved the dog’s life.

Apart from these experiences, however, it must be admitted that the dog is a little prankster! Yuki kept stealing clothes from shelter visitors. Then he spent hours talking and playing with them.

But despite its playful side, the dog is still a well-behaved animal. He always returns the things he steals and strangely they are still new when returned. Yuki also sometimes acts out his predatory nature. making sure no one sneaks into his territory.

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Dog: The reason for Yuki’s enormity!

Yuki’s enormity is already very considerable at this point. However, it may still grow more, according to experts. Due to its size, the wolfhound could compete with other prehistoric animals. However, there is a logical explanation for this!

In fact, Yuki is a cross of three different dog breeds. 87.5% are wolves, 8.6% are Siberian huskies and 3.9% are German shepherds. That explains why it is so big.

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