Man tries his luck with frightened wild dog, everyone is left speechless

Man risks frightened wild dog, everyone is left in mute amazement A dog’s love for his caretakers is even more intense than the feelings he has for his peers. The dog is the perfect pet and is said to be man’s best friend. They are affectionate, loyal, protective… These pets can give us all their … Read more

Why does your dog put his paws on your face and why does he do it?

This is why your dog puts his paws on your face and why he does it Dogs are animals that sometimes do very strange things. Some of them seem nonsensical to us. For example, when they stick their paws in people’s faces. Even though you might think it’s rude behaviour, it means something. So we’ll … Read more

Find out why your dog likes to sleep with you

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For most people, it is important to know why your dog prefers to sleep next to you. And not in your bed or any other space. In this article, we will explain some of the reasons for this behavior. 6 reasons why your dog sleeps with you Some dogs Sleep in the same room as … Read more

Is as big as a bullet, meet him!

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If you thought you’ve seen it all when it comes to cute little dogs, you’ll be surprised when you meet Perla. She’s a pocket Chihuahua who holds the title of the world’s smallest dog, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. She measures just 9.14 centimetres and weighs 553 grams. An adorable little dog … Read more

Incredible rescue of a dog in a large fire (video)

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Firefighters rescuing a dog from a fire. Firefighters made an incredible rescue of a dog that was trapped in a fire in the house where its owners live. Firefighters arrived at the scene, alerted by smoke, and found the animal in flames. A video of the firefighters work shows how they managed to get the … Read more

If you have a dog, you will like it

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The mission of dogs in your life: if you have a dog, you will love it This text is entitled “The mission of dogs in your life”. So if you have a dog, read it, you will love it. Don’t forget to share it with your dog-loving friends on your social networks. The mission of … Read more

The story of a pacemaker fitted to a dog

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Cardiovascular surgeon Luis Vélez explains that ten-year-old Candy had to be operated on because she suffered from bradycardia and heart problems. Veterinarian María Adelaida Mejía adds that Candy’s specific diagnosis is “third-degree atrioventricular block. This means there is no impulse to contract the ventricles.” Based on this, a team of 15 human and veterinary doctors … Read more

5 Animals can transmit serious diseases to humans

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These diseases are called zoonoses and can cause mild symptoms, serious complications and even death. Animals are a source of joy and companionship for many people. However, they can also pose a risk to our health if they become infected with pathogens that can be transmitted to humans. Animals that transmit diseases to humans These … Read more