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That is why dogs hide when they are about to die.

Like all living things, dogs grow old and die. They are very sensitive animals for whom affection is as important as food itself.

In most cases, dogs have a very strong bond with their owners. Their master truly means everything to them. Haven’t you heard that nothing beats the loyalty of a dog? After all, the animal only wants the well-being of its master in all areas, even in the worst moments.

Why do dogs hide to die?

Everyone who owns a dog asks themselves this question. Unfortunately, there is still no scientific answer to it.

Theories that explain this type of behavior therefore revolve around two points: on the one hand, the animal’s psychology, and on the other hand, the love it has for its master.

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Psychological features

Domestic dogs, despite being considerably “humanized”, retain their canine instincts. That’s why males want to mark their territory at every opportunity. Just like puppies, they can’t help but bite everything they can get their hands on. When they are about to die, the same thing happens: the discomfort that the animal experiences in the moments before death is a new sensation that indicates that things are not right.

Therefore, the survival instinct, inherited from ancestors who lived in herds, tells him that in such a situation it is better to let others go their way. That’s why he prefers to be alone, not for himself, but for the sake of the group.

Source: Capture Instagram

Love, the strongest bond

The second theory, which is the most valid for many, focuses on the relationship between a dog and love. A dog wants the best for its owner. Also because he is well aware that he is not in the best shape, he does not want to be a nuisance. So he decides to withdraw to be alone.

Two very different theories, but one of them is clear: there is no animal more faithful than a dog! Indeed, even in his last moments he thinks of his master’s welfare.

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