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The boy is pulled by a strange sewer creature, no one can imagine what happens next

The isolated incident happened during the summer season of 2019. A man saw the giant creature crawling into the canal while filming his son. The father later posted the footage online. This one managed to rack up more than 50 million views in a short period of time. But this adventure is even more extraordinary!

Creature: A journey of adventure!

Ben and his son decided to put their suitcases on La Gomera, a small island in the Canary Islands. They did travel to the west end of Africa. The place is known for its pure biodiversity and natural life.

An opportunity for Georg to learn more about his passion for nature, but also for the water. He played in the water looking for fish without knowing that any creature was approaching him. However, as recommended, it was dangerous to enter unknown places.

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Especially because the canals of La Gomera are known to host sharks. Little George didn’t seem to understand this at all as he continued to explore the water. And when his father learned about the creature, he immediately rushed to his child.

Children sometimes fail to detect danger. That’s why Ben went crazy! Then he ran at high speed towards George.

An extraordinary encounter!

George had been carefully studying the aquatic animals for days. And when the opportunity presented itself, he didn’t hesitate to play in the water after the fish. These have it so obsessed that he didn’t even notice the creature behind him!

More than a few feet away from George, Ben screams at the top of his lungs to alert his son. However, he didn’t hear his father’s call! And at some point, he finally noticed the presence of the huge creature at his side.

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But instead of running away, George approached more of the creature. And when the father approached, his son was already playing with the animal. The other one was far from harming him, as he even allowed him to put his hand in his mouth.

The creature in question was a Ray Manta which was 3 meters long. Normally, this animal is only found on the seabed. George therefore explained to his father that it was not normal for a large fish to be found in this channel!

The creature was safe and sound!

When Ben saw his son’s tears, he called animal protection. Half an hour later, a helicopter arrived at the scene. We had to act quickly because the aquatic creature had weakened after its passage through the canal water. George called the manta ray “Franky”.

After a 15 minute journey, George’s new friend finally arrived at the edge of the salt water. But when he lands on the sea, the creature shows no reaction. This alarmed George, who immediately called out its name. After a while, the animal finally decided to approach and dive into the water.

The man manages to take a picture of the terrifying creature “half man, half dog”

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