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The day this dog leaves the cage he has spent his entire life in will turn everyone upside down.

The number of cases of animal cruelty is increasing. Some of these cases occur in ordinary households, but illegal farms are the most affected. A dog that had been in captivity for a long time was recently discovered in one of them. Check out this touching story here!

Dogs: there are many abandoned animals!

Dog farms must follow very strict measures. This is both for animal welfare and the environment. Unfortunately, many devices do not always follow these guidelines. The violation mainly concerns the treatment of the pet dogs who live in them.

During a raid on an illegal farm, The Humane Society made a terrible discovery. ! She recently set out to explore such a device. On that occasion, they discovered a pack of dogs in irregular cages. If most animals are more or less well-kept, this is not true of all!

Some were actually left out! Indeed, they were placed in a separate room. This includes dogs that no longer meet the criteria for purchase or adoption into families. Faced with this situation, the owners of the facilities decided to place them in cages.

Source : Capture Instagram

Therefore, the association’s volunteers were shocked to discover several dogs in cages. Many of them were in deplorable condition among the last. However, one dog in particular caught their attention. We tell you his story!

Billy is saved!

Billy was discovered by a man named Adam from the Humane Society. She is a Chihuahua whose age has certainly exceeded the age that the adoptive owner is interested in. If this dog attracts so much attention, it is because it is among those in the worst condition. It must be said that he lived in special conditions.

This dog was actually trapped in a cage that couldn’t even be opened. Adam noticed because the lock was rusted. The door of his cage blocked all exits. A very worrying condition when we know that the dog needs exercise.

Source : Capture Instagram

However, the volunteers experienced an even bigger shock when they realized that the water in his bowl was very dirty. The water was greenish. Again, it is clear that this dog did not always live in the best conditions.

Dog: Life changing!

Billy completely changed his life! First, the dog received better care. This was especially true of his feed. It is important to note that he had only skin on bones as reported by the volunteers.

Thanks to this rescue operation, we can hope that the dog will find a normal life. And with better care, he could even find a family willing to take him in! That would make Billy very happy.

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