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The dog cries every day because no one wanted to adopt him

For a long time it was thought that animals were not as emotional as humans. Some studies suggest that their tears only serve to lubricate their eyes, but are not associated with emotion. The story of this shelter dog we’re about to tell you challenges that!

A dog showing great sensitivity!

A dog is an adorable animal and is also man’s best friend. This animal is indeed particularly attached to humans and vice versa. This proves that these canids are particularly emotional and that they have feelings!

To this day, we tend to think that when an animal cries, it is not because it is sad. If a dog, cat or other animal sheds tears, it is just… a purely physiological need. However, if we take a closer look at some incidents, we may get the impression that this is not necessarily the case!

A photo of a crying dog with a sad look on his face has been on the web for some time now. The photo may seem trivial at first glance, but knowing the story behind it brings a whole new perspective. For it challenges everything we thought we knew about animals and their emotions!

The photo in question shows a picture of a dog in a shelter that has a touching story. For unknown reasons, no one wanted to adopt him and he ended up At some point, it made him sad… The dog ended up becoming a “star” thanks to his famous crying eyes!

The animal felt neglected and uninteresting!

The famous dog, whose photo went viral on the internet, is located in the state of New Mexico. In this area in the south of the USA there is a shelter called High Plains Humane Society. This shelter takes in various stray animals, animals in distress and abused animals!

The staff at High Plains Humane Society provide very special attention and dedication. In fact, the shelter does not throw any of its animals away and the staff cares for them. With care. The dog in our story, then, benefits from very careful care!

The shelter has a habit of taking photos of the animals they care for and showing them on social media. That’s why the picture of the famous sad dog. has become a household name. Indeed, he was looking at the camera with downcast eyes and teary-eyed!

Capture Instagram

Looking at the dog, you would think he is so sad because no one will come to adopt him. This is not just speculation, because the animal’s emotions have really changed. It is said that he quickly became cheerful when he was adopted!

A sad dog who is now happy!

The photo of the dog has touched many people who are fans of dogs on the internet. This little stir that the animal has created has also enabled him to. To gain popularity and attract many families. Shortly after the picture hit the web, a woman came forward and decided to adopt him!

The famous dog, who shed tears at the shelter, is now happy with his family. This story suggests that animals can indeed cry when they are sad. It gives us a whole new perspective in relation to the animal kingdom!

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