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The easiest way to clean a dirty cat without bathing

Do cats wash themselves? How is it possible that their fur is always so clean? Better still, can you bathe a cat without suffering the consequences? Cats don’t know how to bathe in water. In fact, they prefer to avoid anything to do with showers and smells. That’s why today we’re going to share with you the best tip on how to clean your cat without bathing it.

Your cat may like the water. Yet some cats cry and become aggressive at the sight of a bath. This hatred and fear is in their DNA. Because of their origins, these animals have always been suspicious of the presence of water. As a result, they have not formed any relational bonds. Today, however, cleaning a cat without bathing seems like a dream come true.

And it is thanks to their anatomy that cats can keep themselves clean without going near bodies of water. Their saliva is effectively designed to remove all the dirt from their fur. And their tongue is designed to clean itself effectively.

How to clean a cat without water?

Although cats Have an innate ability to clean themselves, but they can’t reach some places. For example, the inside of the ears, the back of the neck, the tear ducts and hidden places like the underside of the jaw. You can use dry shampoo on these areas. Gently scrub and remove them with a specially designed brush. This is an effective cleaning tip!

Can you clean your cat with baby wipes?

Another tip is to clean your cat without bathing with baby wipes. But is this healthy for the animal? If you use wipes designed just for babies, there shouldn’t be any problem with this as they have a neutral pH. This is because they don’t contain all the ingredients of regular wet wipes.

What do you think of this tip on how to clean your cat without bathing? There are others, such as a bath net that you can put the cat in and take its head out, on one side, so that it doesn’t move and mark your hands.

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