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The garbage men hear small cries from the container and start digging.

Under that pile of garbage and trash was a life that needed saving. And thanks to the garbage men who heard his cries, the little puppy was saved just in time.

Fernando Marie, a Uruguayan sanitation worker was nearing the end of his shift when one of his colleagues suddenly asked him to be quiet. Fernando then heard what alerted his colleague.

From the back of his garbage-filled car came the faint sound of an animal in distress.

Garbage men rescue a small dog from a dumpster.

The garbage man then says: “We decided to open the door to check it out. The truck was full of garbage and we could still hear the screaming. It was getting quieter and quieter, like it was drowning in garbage. So we got shovels and started digging.

Source : Capture Instagram

Garbage collectors carefully searched through the trash until they found a creature trapped inside, a small dog.

The puppy was clearly disoriented, but in good health under the circumstances.

Source : Capture Instagram

The garbage men then searched through the rest of the garbage looking for more dogs. Fortunately, they didn’t find any more animals.

We still don’t know how the puppy ended up in the bin. But garbage collectors suspect a heartless man deliberately dumped it and left it to die. Fortunately, they managed to hear his anguished cries and rescued him.

Source : Capture Instagram

According to Fernando, his partner, a garbage man, decided to adopt the puppy and make it his daughter’s new friend. He’s glad they were able to help save a life.

Fernando says:

I didn’t have a good week but I’ve been happy ever since. To be honest, it has marked my whole year.

Today, in my job, we have earned the sky as garbage collectors. We opened a truck full of garbage because we heard a little dog crying inside. I think it must be very bad for a man to throw that little defenseless creature away.”

Adopt, save a life and make a friend. If you would like to read more articles like this, we recommend visiting the Animals category.

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