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The incredible reason why dogs feel their anus when they meet

Dogs have a much better sense of smell than humans. When a dog sniffs another dog’s butt, it is actually gathering a lot of information about the dog. Be it his diet, gender or emotional state. This behavior is just one of many examples of chemical communication in the animal kingdom.

On either side of the dog’s anus is a small pouch called the anal sac.

George Preti, of the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia studied the complexity of odors and pheromones in the human body. From 1975 He then began to study the role of smell in relationships between dogs. He and his research team examined the anal secretions of wild dogs and coyotes and came to some interesting conclusions.

Alexandra Horowitz, D. in cognitive science, is also a scientist who specializes in the study of cognition in humans and animals. In his book In the Mind of a Dog, in which he quotes Dr. Preti, he explains the reason for this dog mania.

So on both sides of the dog’s anus there is a small pouch called the anal sac. The anal sac contains glands that produce chemicals that the dog needs to survive. Dogs use it to recognize themselves. The apocrine gland is mainly responsible for the dog’s characteristic smell. However, sebaceous glands also play an important role.

Dogs have a good sense of smell

George Preti discovered that the main chemical compounds responsible for dog odor are trimethylamine and a number of short-chain acids. Secretions from the anal sac have a strong odor caused by these acids. In addition, genetics, diet, and the state of the animal’s immune system can affect odor. This happens through chemical changes in the secretions.

This habit, although it seems a little hygienic, is a natural tool incredible to get to know a peer. But also learn a lot just by getting close to him.

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