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The infallible trick to teach a dog to fetch a ball

Any animal can learn the trick, it just takes a lot of patience. That’s also why it is still possible to get your dog to fetch a ball using this reliable trick.

Before you start training, you only need to keep two things in mind to make your dog fetch the ball. First, the younger your dog is, the more capable he will be to learn any type of trick. His cognitive process is really in full development. Second, your adult dog can also learn, but you will need more dedication and time with him.

Plus, this will be a great opportunity for the two of you to form a strong and effective bond and strengthen it. And if this learning process takes place in a green space, you will feel more relaxed and less stressed by today’s hectic lifestyle.

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How do you teach your dog to fetch a ball?

The first thing you need to do to help your dog learn the easiest trick in the world is to keep a ball handy. Good quality. In fact, it shouldn’t be made of hard materials like tennis balls. Otherwise, it could injure its gums.

You don’t even need to exercise the dog. without a leash. It’s really important that he understands that he shouldn’t go anywhere without you telling him. Now follow the following steps carefully:

You will be looking for a quiet place without too many distractions. Then you will need to choose a word that your dog will have to identify every time he retrieves the ball.

Then use a long leash for the first few times and release it when you throw. the ball. Once he understands, you can get rid of the leash.

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Why won’t my dog drop the ball?

On the other hand, if your dog already knows this trick by heart and doesn’t drop the ball every time he looks for it, his instincts have got him under control. You should know that dogs come from gray wolves and when they see a bullet, it’s as if they think their prey is about to escape. That’s why you may notice that he keeps biting it or that he’s on his third one that he broke.

To make the ball return more effectively, you can give your dog a treat every time he returns with the ball.

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