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The man managed to take a picture of the terrifying “half man, half dog” creature.

A man managed to take a photo of a terrifying “half man, half dog” creature

A man has claimed he was “petrified for a month” after being stalked by a “half human, half dog” creature in the Australian outback.

The existence of the half-human, half-dog monster was first recorded in 1887 in the US state of Michigan. However, the legend persists to this day and alleged witnesses abound around the world.

One such “witness” is John, who was fishing in the Australian bush when he claimed to have encountered the terrifying creature chasing him from the riverbank.

The Australian explained that on Boxing Day he was fishing in his kayak when he suddenly heard cracking in the woods.

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A man claims he saw a terrifying creature

“I stopped for a moment and the sound stopped in the bushes as well and I thought it was a bit strange. But as soon as I started paddling, the thing took a step. So anyway, the thing was following me, it wasn’t a coincidence or anything. It was more like a stalker thing.”

Eventually John noticed something black among the trees and took a picture of it with his phone. Then he was shocked. He said he had indeed captured a creature that was “half man, half dog.”

“The creature, I got a picture of it. I’ve talked to several people about it and I think it’s a man-dog,” he said.

“Right after that, I couldn’t go back to the area to see it for myself. I was really petrified for about a month. I would wake up in the middle of the night and see the man-dog creature in my dreams.”

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The creature he saw looked like a “werewolf”.

Events only intensified when John returned to the area much later on another fishing trip. He settled into his new oasis and recalls, “I heard a small thump to my right, so I took off running.

The creature, John explains, then began to roar. “I’ve never heard anything like it in my life. The dog man screamed and then gasped. But the breath it was grabbing was actually louder than the roar it was making.

In a panic, John explains, “I heard something in my head that said, ‘Go now or die…’ It wasn’t my own voice, my own consciousness, it was something else. It wasn’t my own voice, my own consciousness, it was something else. Those ten minutes were probably the longest minutes of my life, I thought I was really dying.

Eventually, John managed to escape and get into the car. He now shares his story to warn others. “I heard about it and thought it was a joke. But I’ve seen it and it’s scary. The man was convinced he had seen a ‘half man, half dog’ creature and so alerted the Australian public.

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