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The terrible reason why cats can never eat sugar

If you have a cat in your home that seems to have a sweet tooth, you’ll probably wonder if it’s okay to eat this type of food.

We love our pets so much that sometimes we forget that they are animals and want to treat them like people. That’s why some cat owners give their pets foods with sugar or sugar-containing ingredients. Yet, this could compromise their well-being. Do you know why this is not advisable? We explain in detail why cats can’t eat sugar.

Steps to take:

  1. In principle, it should be said that cats do not have a natural predilection for sweets. This is because the feline taste buds do not perceive sweetness, making it an unappealing reward for the animal.

It is very rare to observe a cat prowling or trying to taste foods such as chocolate, cookies or other sweets.

  1. Some specialists believe that felines have developed a defense system against this type of food. Indeed, they know perfectly well that they are harmful to their health. Indeed, chocolate is toxic for felines. Just as certain sweet products containing milk can be very indigestible for the animal.
  2. Even so, if you get your cat used to eating sweets from a young age, she will eventually do so. Unfortunately, this will be detrimental to her health. Indeed, cats cannot eat sweets, because sugar produces a lot of flatulence and colic in the animal. This will affect his intestinal transit and cause discomfort.
  3. Finally, if you want to give your cat something that you think is delicious, there’s no better way than with special feline treats. Remember, though, that this is an occasional treat, as these treats contain a lot of calories, which can lead to obesity. Especially if your cat is neutered.

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