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The tragic truth about the strange creature captured on video

Video footage of the strange creature has taken Malaysian social networks by storm. It crawled through a palm plantation and at first glance looked like an alien. But experts quickly identified it. They then explained that it was not footage of a creature from another world. But simply the sad reality of life on our planet.

The plantation workers were left speechless when they found a bald animal with huge claws in a field near the village of Sibu. Not knowing what it was, the creature terrified them.

“None of us had ever seen anything like this before. We were terrified and one of the group decided to kill it until we thought it was dead,” said one of the plantation workers. “It could have been a rare species of bear. When he regained consciousness, we drove him into the jungle.

The tragic truth about this strange creature.

The video shows the strange creature struggling in a pile of dry palm leaves to escape the people who attacked it.

The mysterious creature has been nicknamed the “Malaysian chupacabra”. However, Anthony Sebastian of the Malaysian Kuching Society said the animal is actually a well-known endangered species. “It’s simply a Malayan bear. And what confused people was its lack of fur. So it doesn’t look like an alien that fell from the sky.

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The Sarawak Forestry Corporation authorities also confirmed that the animal was indeed a Malayan bear. In addition, it had to be relocated due to the recent flooding.

Conservationists have condemned the attack on the bear as cruelty. The bear was defenceless and did not appear to pose a threat.

Unfortunately, this case is nothing compared to what Malaysian bears suffer because of humans. According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the species has declined by 30% in the last 30 years, partly because the forests that were once their ideal habitat have been replaced by oil palm plantations.

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