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Their cat won’t leave their baby alone, when they understand why, the police show up

The birth of a child is considered a blessing for every family. But, some couples find it difficult to conceive. And that’s the case with this couple. Fortunately, the good news has finally come for this family. While preparing to give birth to their first child, this couple has to deal with the change in behavior of the cat in the house.

Cat: a change in behavior that confused her family!

The feeling of accomplishment when a newborn is born is fascinating for a family. However, this happiness is not given to everyone. Jennifer and Julian had a very special story.

The two lovebirds have long wanted to have a child. They did their best to realize their greatest wish. Their efforts were not in vain because Jenifer finally gave birth to a little girl.

Before the arrival of the newborn, the couple lived a peaceful and ordinary life with their cat, Luna. Luna was a very loving and caring ball of fur. But things got strange when Jennifer got pregnant.

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A new atmosphere reigned in the house and a feeling of anxiety began to emerge. Jennifer is particularly confused by the change in her cat’s behavior. The cat has become aggressive since the couple learned the good news.

The feline’s bizarre behavior!

For peace of mind, the couple decided to take their cat to a health care professional. However, Luna’s aggressiveness was not related to any disease because she was in very good health. But the veterinarian still warned Julien about the behavior the feline could show in front of the baby.

Jennifer was not reassured by the doctor’s recommendation. She decided to go to the hospital with her friend to make sure that she and her baby were out of danger, and fortunately, both mother and baby were doing just fine.

However, the couple still had questions about the sudden change in their cat’s behavior. Eve, Jennifer’s friend, wanted to help them by promising to stay by the side of the mother-to-be. And that to take care of her and her baby.

However, the cat’s behavior got worse when the baby was born. The hairball refused to leave her alone when she was sleeping. Worried, the couple decided to install a camera in the room to get answers.

Cat: The involvement of the police!

In reality, it was not the cat the problem but the friend of Jennifer. In fact, this last one was not called Eve Anderson. but Elizabeth Holmes. She is in fact an international spy. Luna had a feeling that this young woman was hiding a secret.

The authorities finally intercepted Eve and had her interrogated. As for Jennifer and Julian, they are relieved to learn that their cat only wanted to protect them. The tomcat and the baby are currently very close and. Luna continues to watch over this little family.

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