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These dog-sized rabbits are rescued in extreme situations

The RSPCA received a call that several rabbits were definitely in distress. A rescue team immediately rushed to the scene to investigate the situation. When they reached the place, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

And indeed, not only were the 47 rabbits living in terrible conditions, but they were also giant Flemish rabbits. Many of them were huge. The largest weighed about 8 kilos and was the size of a medium-sized dog.

The rabbits needed a better living space.

It was obvious that the rabbits were too big to live in the cages they were in. In addition, they were not cared for as they should have been. After rescue, they were examined by a veterinarian to check their health.

“Poor rabbits They lived in uncomfortable and filthy conditions which were disastrous for them, especially in the heat,” said an RSPCA inspector. “Thankfully the vet found them all to be in good condition.

Source : Capture Instagram

After providing proper care, the rabbits recovered. They are now in the hands of the RSPCA and are ready for adoption.

“We hope they find a loving home,” Ms Walker said.“ They will make good pets because they have good natures.

Source : Capture Instagram

These rabbits are bigger than people expect. However, with the right research and attention, they are sure to make great companions for the families that adopt them.

Source : Capture Instagram

Behind their seeming kindness, rabbits are gentle animals that are able to cling to their master. In addition, they are good companions for children.

Adopt, save a life and make a friend. If you want to read more similar articles, we recommend you visit the Animals category.

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