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These fears are the most common in cats and affect their health

Cats are exploratory and curious animals, independent, hunters and players. They are also intelligent, agile, self-reliant and territorial with strangers, but they can also suffer from fear and trauma.

The most common fears in cats:

  1. Change of routine: Cats are pets that like their comfort zone. So when moving, cats tend to feel insecure, scared and nervous as they adjust to the new space.
  2. Strangers: They are friendly with their family or closest friends. However, they are also the opposite with strangers. They become nervous, fearful when strangers are on their territory. In time, they may get used to the presence of new people in the house, but certainly not immediately.
  3. Loud noises: Cats dislike loud music and extreme noises that cause them stress, anxiety and fear. These noise disturbances alter their nervous system.
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  1. Other animals in the home: Cats are territorial and like to feel power. If they are not accustomed to this from a young age, they can become fearful.
  2. Foreign objects: these animals are indeed often afraid of unfamiliar objects, which makes them feel uncomfortable and threatened.
  3. Cucumbers: This vegetable seems strange to them and they associate it with snakes. Visually, they do not recognize it easily. This is why they are so afraid of this green plant.
Source : Capture Instagram
  1. Staring: Cats consider this a sign of challenge and aggression. A situation that puts them on alert. They may even react violently at times.
  2. Tangerines, lemons and oranges: these citrus fruits alter the nervous system of cats and can cause vomiting and diarrhea because of the oils they contain. They are harmful for these animals.

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