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These incredible reasons why cats roll around on the floor

Cats have the ability to surprise us with their behaviour. While this can sometimes be amusing, it can also be disturbing because of certain signals they can send that we don’t always understand.

One of the strangest behaviors of the felines is to roll around on the ground knowing that they are hunting animals and that they usually have a status associated with their nature.

One of the main reasons for this is that they actually want to mark their territory. However, keep other felines at a distance and any enemies that might threaten them. They do this through pheromones, which are primarily responsible for marking their territory.

All animalsincluding humansemit pheromones. These are particularly responsible for the characteristic odor of each animal. Therefore, when a cat wants to protect its territory, it comes into bodily contact with the ground and other surfaces with the intention of spreading its scent to the surroundings.

Discover the incredible reasons why cats roll around on the floor

It’s warm

Another of the most important roles of pheromones is when felines are in heat. Thanks to this chemical, cats can detect certain signs of bodily changes, such as the ideal time to mate.

During this period, females and males behave differently than usual. Cats can be seen walking around the ground in circles. This is to spread their pheromone-laden scent of estrus to attract males who are nearby.

They may also meow as they roll to warn males of their approach.

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It’s hot

If you notice your cat rolling around on the floor and also drinking more water than usual, he is trying to feel the heat of the floor on his body.


Despite his flexibilityYour cat may not be reaching the area of his body. He then decides to rub against an object to relieve the itching of that area. Thus, if there is discomfort on his back, the cat will rub against the floor to scratch himself.

He wants to play or get your attention

Cats entertain themselves by chasing their masters around the house. And also by watching what they do during the day. So if at some point she lies down and scratches the floor, she may be attracting your attention because she is bored and wants to play.

On the other hand, if he got the hug he wanted while rolling around on the floor, he’s likely to always do it to get the same results.

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