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They wanted to put the terrified dog down, but this man saved it as a last resort.

Edie, a Maltese/Poodle, was being abused in a way that caused her deep trauma. In fact, she now feels hatred and fear of anyone.

The shelter staff worked with the dog for 14 days to prevent his sad end. However, her intense fear of people overcame her. As a result, Edie was sadly placed on the euthanasia list.

The dog had a chance at life

An hour before Edie’s euthanasiaEldad Hagar, a rescuer, arrived at the shelter. Despite the claims of others about her unmanageable behavior, Eldad truly believed that Edie could still be saved. This video shows the moment he begins to form a relationship with her in hopes of a better future.

Source : Capture Instagram

The video shows Eldad’s attempts to calm the dog and approach him. However, the dog is shaking with fear and runs for cover. The situation is emotionally tense and requires patience and understanding.

Edie cries continuously, wishing Eldad would leave her alone. So when he takes the leash to her, all he can do is smear the shelter floor with feces induced by fear. It’s heartbreaking to see how much this little dog has suffered.

Despite Eldad’s initial fears, he decided to persevere in his decision to help the dog. Especially after witnessing her desperation. Eventually, Eldad managed to take her onto his lap and comforted her with a loving caress.

This video shows Edie’s incredible transformation from a dirty, abused animal to a beautiful, elegant dog. She is now the perfect canine companion. Edie has finally found her forever home. A family that will love and care for her for many years to come.

The story of this beautiful dog reminds us that kindness and patience can change even the most desperate situations. Edie’s incredible transformation!

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