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This adopted dog was returned to the shelter after 4 months for an unimaginable reason.

This adopted dog was returned to the shelter after 4 months for an unimaginable reason.

Everyone at True and Faithful Pet Rescue Mission was heartbroken for the dog. They loved him from the beginning and couldn’t understand how anyone could make such a sweet, loving soul.

Twinkle’s story

Twinkle is a dog who was wandering the streets of Miami, alone and in very poor health. He was rescued by the True and Faithful Pet Rescue Mission. He was then given medical care. As his health improved, Twinkle began to gain weight and became a beautiful animal. He was adopted by a good family in early September. Or so everyone thought…

The rescue center received an email from Twinkle’s new family saying they wanted to return him after having him with them for four months. The reason? The dog couldn’t help but express how much he loved them with a loud cry at night.

Source : Capture Instagram

Indeed, all he wanted was to sleep in their bed. Unfortunately, the family no longer allowed their other older Chihuahuas to do so. They decided that Twinkle was not suitable for them and sent him back to the shelter.

Twinkle was returned to the shelter because he wanted to sleep with his family.

Madison Mulvihill, an employee of True and Faithful Pet Rescue, who came to get him. She found him huddled in the corner of the dog bed, shaking with fear, looking confused and sad. He was also staring at the fence where his owners had left him moments before.

Source : Capture Instagram

Everyone at the rescue center was sad for this adorable dog who just wanted to snuggle with someone who would love him.

Eventually, Twinkle was adopted by another family. He is now happily strutting his stuff in the fields. Now he has another chance to find happiness. For his new family has finally agreed to let him snuggle at their feet at night.

Source : Capture Instagram

Twinkle reminds us all that we are never too old or too young to be happy.

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