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This animal is so rare that many doubt its existence.

An animal as elusive as it is adorable: the pink armadillo. Nicknamed « pichi ciego » in its native Argentina, the pink armadillo is a mammal that has bony protection on the outside and belongs to the Chlamyphorus family.

Its natural habitat is limited to the central regions of this South American country. It is characterized by vast plains and vegetation rich in shrubs and cacti. This animal is very small. It measures a maximum of 11 cm in length. It also gets its name from the protective pink fur that blends with the white fur on the rest of the body. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to get close to any of them. Therefore, it is difficult to protect them from the danger of extinction.

And yes, this animal exists. Although it is true that it is a mystery whether they are common animals in the area or a rare species.

Curious Because the pink armadillo has virtually no predators, its carapace has evolved. He really softened. In addition, it serves as an air conditioning system that drives high-temperature blood to cool down. However, it also acts as a soil compactor to keep its tunnels from collapsing.

Most endangered animal: pink armadillo

When it comes to rare animals, the pink armadillo is also on the list. Although very similar to its traditional armadillo relative, it looks more like a rat with a shell.

Source : Capture Instagram

Unlike the original tattoo, this tattoo has a pink coat, which makes it very special. Even those who had the opportunity to see him say that they imagined him as a huge rat with a strange carapace.

This animal feeds mainly on antsIt feeds mainly on ants, larvae, worms, snails, other insects and various plants and roots. It also lives in the central region of Argentina, where it finds hard grass, sandy plains with bushes and cacti.

Due to its peculiar habits, it has become an endangered species. The reason is primarily the destruction of its environment. One of his abilities is to plunge into the ground at high speed.

This is a pink fairy armadillo

It is the smallest species of armadillo. It is a solitary animal adapted to deserts, endemic to central Argentina, reaching a length of barely 12 cm.

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