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This dog, abandoned by his owner, spent 9 years alone in a landfill.

Feeney’s story is about an abandoned dog who wandered alone in a junkyard for nine years, looking for his owner. His life changed when a woman contacted Hope for Paws to report his presence. His luck had left him, but the worst was yet to come. Read the full story below!

The dog was looking for a home for nine years!

Feeney’s story is a moving testament to the impact of abandonment on animals and the human compassion that can change their lives. After nine years spent alone in a landfill, the dog received help from rescuers from the organization Hope for Paws..

When the woman who called Hope for Paws found Feeney, the dog was lying under a dumpster in the mud.. After speaking with local residents, rescuers discovered that Feeney had been abandoned by his owner nine years ago.

This happened just after the dog‘s owners were evicted from their home. Since then, the animal has roamed the streetsdesperately looking for a loving home. When rescuers found the dog, they immediately realized it was… in need of urgent medical treatment.

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His teeth were indeed in a very bad condition and his eyes hurt. But that’s not all! This dog also had an infection in the spinal cord and urinary tract. He also had a breast tumor.

The animal could live happily for several months!

The dog was taken to a clinic where it was given appropriate treatment. After all the necessary treatments, Feeney was taken to Los Angeles Animal Rescue‘s rest room.

For the first time in nine years, he got the affection and attention he deserved.. The dog walked for several days, played in the fresh air and finally understood what his life should be.

Unfortunately, he didn’t last long. Five months after the rescue, the dog died. However, he managed to be happy in the last months of his life. It was thanks to the compassion and love of everyone who helped him to have a better life.

Feeney the dog is a touching example of the importance of compassion and kindness towards animals. This story is also a reminder that we need to fight against pet abandonment.

Source: Capture Instagram

This dog’s story is very touching!

Feeney did not have an easy life. But the way he fought till the end can inspire many. And although he died shortly after his rescue, he had time to realize that he was not alone. That he deserves to be loved.

Fortunately for him, he met some kind people who came to his aid. He was seriously ill and the volunteers did not hesitate for a second and treated him.. That way he could get back in shape to make the most of the last few months he had left in his life.

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