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This dog born with a very rare defect is very sad because of people.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Quasimodo the dog, so we’re going to tell you his touching story.

The incredible dog Quasimodo

This adorable dog was born with a rare disease: short spine syndrome. According to his owner, he is “a real German shepherd…but smaller”.

He was found as a stray in Kentucky. Quasimodo was very afraid of people and very shy. But after meeting a loving woman named Rachel, his life changed. Now he enjoys life, jumps, runs and likes to play with his friends.

His owner founded Secondhand Hounds, a non-profit organization that rescues thousands of animals each year. So here Quasimodo gets all the care and attention he needs.

Source : Capture Instagram

The story of Quasimodo

So Quasimodo is affected by short spine syndrome. So he is missing two vertebrae and has almost no neck. Yet this dog survived four years of neglect, feeding on leftovers.

The Case of Quasimodo, currently living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, is one of only 14 known in the world.

Videos released by the charity show that Quasimodo is now living very happily. Although they have to do some things differently than other dogs, for example, eat food without bending over.

Source : Capture Instagram

Internet users were moved by the story of Quasimodo, an abandoned German shepherd who was born with a developmental defect. Hundreds of Internet users are interested in its adoption. However, his rescuers are waiting for him to undergo surgery.

Quasimodo’s story goes viral

The shelter created a Facebook page to inform everyone about the disease that this dog has been suffering from since birth. But also so that people who have such an animal know what to do. So every day they upload photos and his progress to their 70,000 or so subscribers.

He can play like any other dog. But it can’t turn around like a normal dog because it doesn’t have a neck. His walk and run are also a bit odd. His spine prevents him from normal movements. However, he is still a loving, gentle and funny dog.

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