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This dog died fighting to save its owner’s life in the middle of a fire

In a village in the English county of Kent, a man named Kevin Record suffered severe burns and lost his dog Shogun in a fire. Explosion The fire was apparently caused by a short circuit of an electric skateboard. Fortunately, Shogun managed to alert his owner a few minutes before the fire by jumping up on the bed and barking.

Shogun, a five-year-old American Bully dog, woke up his owner Kevin Rekord in the early hours of April 17, 2023. According to the man’s relatives, the animal started jumping on him to alert him to the fire.

Indeed, the animal alerted his master to the fire that was ravaging the house. “He was everything to me and he died saving my life,” said the animal’s owner, who is currently recovering from his injuries.

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Hero Dog

The incident happened in Sheerness, where the animal managed to save the lives of a family who were The incident actually happened in Sheerness, where the animal managed to save the life of a family who was inside a house. According to the authorities, the cause of the fire was electrical a skateboard that caught fire. The dog eventually died in the fire.

Kevin Record stood up and saw that the skateboard was sparking. But before he could do anything about it, the thing exploded. This caused a fire that filled the entire house with smoke. Kevin managed to get out of the room, but his pet wasn’t so lucky.

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Firefighters arrived at the scene withfour vehicles to put out the flames. However, the whole house burned down. The man managed to get out of the room in the emergency, but his dog did not. The shogun perished in the fire, while his master escaped alive but with severe burns. kevin Record is now devastated by the loss of his dog. However, he is grateful that the Shogun saved his life by alerting him to the danger.

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At the hospital, Kevin Record is now warning people to check their electronic devices regularly. He wants to prevent similar tragedies. Fire Chief Steve Smart also praised the dog’s performance, stressing that without him the outcome of the fire could have been completely different.

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