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This dog in distress is rescued in extremis

After losing her dog, Amanda Giese decided to do something to help other dogs in need. That’s why she decided to found the organization Panda Paws Rescue. A non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and helping injured and sick animals.

Amanda and her team have helped many dogs that were at risk of euthanasia. They provided them with the necessary medical care and a loving home.

One of the most touching cases is that of Kami, a small dog who was found in a very bad condition at a local shelter. She had a neglected coat and was severely malnourished.

The dog needed urgent medical attention.

Amanda and her team at Panda Paws Rescue took her to their shelter and cared for her.

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Kami received constant love and attention and slowly began to recover. As her strength returned, so did her personality. She quickly became everyone’s favorite.

Thanks to the love and care of Amanda and her team, Kami is now a happy, healthy dog who has found his forever home. An incredible transformation thanks to the love of these rescuers.

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Dogs deserve a real family

Every dog in the world should have a home. So the only way to start moving the world in this direction is to think about these little critters. All dogs and cats deserve love and a loving family. Like shelter and food every day of your life. And of course care for their well-being.

Your dog will never judge you. In fact, he will be by your side just to offer you his emotional support and unconditional love. He stays by your side without telling you to do this or that. Your pet will be an important member of your family because it will only bring you emotional benefits. Your dog will always give you his best. And that in exchange for nothing. Your unconditional love is what makes him truly happy.

If you have a dog as a pet, you must have noticed that it can bring peace to your home. But also that he can make you laugh out loud, that he makes you feel good when he calls you. And when you are in pain, he knows you need him and is always there to comfort you.

Your dog is part of your family, he is the four-legged hero in your household, he is the one who understands you all, even if he cannot speak… His eyes will tell you everything.

Adopt, save a life and make a friend. If you want to read other similar articles, we recommend visiting the category Animals.

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