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this hen born with four legs is rejected by all the others.

The four-legged hen lived on a farm in Kairi in far north Queensland. From birth, she lived with other hens. But her pen mates abused and attacked her because of her difference.

The poor hen had a large wound at the end of her spine where she was attacked. Farm owner Jess Leeming was concerned for her health. So she decided to ask for help on social media to find someone who could look after her properly.

The hen needed a lot of attention

Jess Leeming posted the following message:

« Would anyone like to take care of a young four legged hen that needs attention? She has an injury to the end of her spine ». However, she suspects that her pen mates are the cause of the injury because they rejected her.

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In addition, she also explained that the hen was dragging other legs on her back. However, this defect did not seem to affect her growth.

The hen’s condition was caused by a genetic defect called polymelia, which is a congenital defect of the limbs. This type of birth defect can occur in hens and is defined by the growth of additional limbs attached to different parts of the body. The exact cause of this congenital anomaly is unknown.

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Happy at last

Finally After posting this on social media, the four-legged hen has found a new home. Jess Leeming said she was adopted by a man who has experience caring for animals.

This hen’s story The story of this four-legged hen reminds us that all animals deserve respect. She now lives in a home where she is finally happy. Despite her differences.

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