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This little girl has a very special relationship with her dog, you will be surprised!

Spitz dogs never cease to amaze us when it comes to showing their feelings. These animals are known for their tenderness towards their owners, but especially towards children. This dog proved that with his owner’s little girl. The dogs once again showed their sweetness and kindness!

This dog welcomed a new family member!

Videos dedicated to animals have increasingly attracted the attention of internet users in recent years. That’s why now the web is flooded with several sequences of all kinds. In particular, we can simultaneously see recordings funny, touching or moving.

The video of an American woman named Leyna Ambron was no exception. She didn’t want to miss the touching scene that took place in her living room. His little girl and her dog were playing when that canine started making a particularly cute gesture.

It should be noted that Leyna Ambron is the happy mom of a little girl named Dana. But before becoming a mother, she had already adopted a dog named Bix in her life. The latter was very excited when his owner got pregnant.

Since the pregnancy, his Leyne Ambron dog has multiplied gestures of affection towards his owner. And the bond that existed between them was strengthened by the sweetness of Dana’s birth. But the dog has also developed an affection for the baby and now takes on the role of big brother.

Bix’s touching gesture towards Dana!

Leyna Ambron is used to leaving her dog and Dana alone. In fact, the young mother can rely on Bix to care for her granddaughters. She has put all her trust in him.

One day, the two protagonists were talking in the living room. There the mother saw the touching scene what was happening between the two friends. The dog was noticeably washing his little daughter Diana.

In other words, the dog considers Diana his protégé. This extraordinary gesture proves once again how astute the canine is. He’s aware of the fact that he’s expanded his family.

It also proves that canines don’t hesitate to place babies under their protection. And by associating with them, they are pretty much confusing them as their own offspring. Leyna Ambron’s dog is living proof of one of them !

Dog: This video caused an internet sensation!

Leyna Ambron started filming the whole scene with a camera in her hand. She then shared the video on her YouTube channel. The sequence has already managed to encash many interactions.

Dana and Bix have cardboard on the screen because they proved that the dog is not just a pet. The pooch is a proper member from the family. Dana and Bix are best friends and are inseparable.

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