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This puppy, abandoned and thrown in a sack due to health concerns, is fighting for his life

In this cruel world we live in, there are always horrible people who are capable of doing something heinous. That’s what Gavin’s previous owners did. They decided to throw their puppy away as a waste instead of helping him. And that was because of his health problems!

This puppy was abused!

Life has not been kind to this little puppy named Gavin, a 5 week old dachshund. In addition to health concerns from birth, he had the misfortune of being born into the wrong family. He didn’t want to help him to blossom.

Instead, she decided to turn her back on their puppy and perform a terrible act. Gavin’s previous owners actually put him inside a bag and threw it in the middle of the night in the countryside. This terrible story happened in Rotherham, England.

However, luck may have smiled on the poor puppy because someone was on the scene at the time. According to Yorkshire Live, the individual immediately called for reinforcements to help Gavin. The animal was being cared for by the Helping Yorkshire Poundies shelter.

Source : Capture Instagram

Once at the shelter, the puppy was examined urgently. The vet immediately understood that these owners had given him up because of his illness. Gavin was not only thin, but also suffered from swimmer’s dog syndrome.

Gavin still has hope!

The puppy has a developmental malformation affecting his legs. This medical problem prevents him from walking properly. But in addition, Gavin also suffers from scrotal hernia.

A disease related to the part of his organs that protrude into his scrotum. However, there is still hope for the poor pup. According to medical experts, the animal would only need the best treatments to get better.

The puppy was then placed in foster care and received veterinary care. The first 5 weeks of his treatment were difficult. However, Gavin’s condition quickly improved due to the affection he received.

Source : Capture Instagram

The puppy started having fun and managed to gain weight. Even better, he learned to walk and even tried to run on his little legs. But the presence of his adopted sister also facilitated his remission.

Puppy: A new disease in sight!

According to a shelter spokesperson, Gavin was lucky enough to be placed with a family where another dachshund was already staying. Currently, the puppy is visibly growing. But unfortunately, new health issues have fallen beneath him. The little canine seems to be getting weaker and unable to straighten his back legs.

According to the shelter, the puppy’s rib cage is altered and pronounced. In order to help him, officials had to ask for donations to subsidize his medical exams. And possible treatments are also in order. But in the meantime, the dog is still gaining the affection he lacked before.

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