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Video : Man filmed as snake explodes after eating entire cow

A farmer filmed a snake digesting a cow it had eaten a few hours earlier, in Phitsanulok, northern Thailand. The reptile, which was on the side of the road, couldn’t handle that much food. That’s why it exploded.

The video shows how the farmer identified as Nirun Leewattanakul is stunned by this very surprising fact. This is because although this snake can swallow large animals, it is not usual for food to affect it. Let alone explode when it can’t digest it.

The video was posted on social media, causing it to go viral around the world within hours. According to the newspaper, the farmer then took the animal carcasses and burned them to avoid the unpleasant smell and prevent other animals from approaching the village.

According to the media, the cattle belonged to Nirun Leewattanakul. He was looking for a cow in the village where he lives. But he did not expect to find it in such a grotesque scene.

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“The snake must have been hungry and saw the cow. Then it strangled it and then swallowed the whole body. It was a very scary scene,” the Thai resident says in the video.

The snake exploded after eating the entire cow.

The farmer was searching for the lost cow when he found the snake. He then realised it had eaten his cattle. The snake was over 7 metres long and was an African python, one of the largest snake species in the world.

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The snake apparently couldn’t handle the huge amount of food it ingested. As a result, his body exploded.

Such incidents are rare. But they can happen when a snake overeats and can’t properly digest everything it’s eaten.

Wildlife experts are reminding people to watch out for these giant snakes. But also not to try to catch them without the help of a qualified professional.

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