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Viral challenge: can you solve the puzzle in 10 seconds?

Recently, viral challenges have become a novelty on social media, with the vast majority of users using their visual acuity and intelligence to find the result.

While there is something for everyone, many of these challenges are quite difficult so only a small percentage of them complete the mission. However, there are also simpler challenges that do not require much effort to solve.

On this occasion, a viral mental puzzle challenge What does it entail? Users are tasked with moving one match and solving a simple equation in 10 seconds. Are you ready?

Prompt image

The image in this challenge shows a remarkably incorrect subtraction: “4 – 5 = 6”. The purpose of this challenge is very simple: move the match just to fix the equation.. Although it doesn’t seem very complicated, the truth is that almost no one can solve it.

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The viral challenge represents an incorrect deduction: 4 – 5 = 6.

To solve this puzzle, remove the toothpick. You must place it in another number for the math operation to make sense.

At first glance, this task may seem quite simple, but everything becomes complicated when put into practice, since it must be completed in a maximum of two hours, 10 seconds.

Few people have so far managed to solve this mental puzzle. So if you manage to solve it in such a short time, it will be obvious that you have above average intelligence.

However, even if you don’t win this challenge, a mental exercise can help you exercise your mind even in your spare time or challenge your visual acuity.

Solving a mental challenge

Chances are, those of you still reading this note haven’t solved the math puzzle yet, or have decided to take a shortcut to solve it.

Whatever the reason, here is the correct answer to this puzzle that a small percentage of users have managed to solve.

The only move to make is related to the number 4. You need to move the match (see picture) to change it to 11. So the subtraction would be: 11 – 5 = 6.

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The solution to the mental challenge is to move the match so that the 4 turns into an 11.

What is a viral challenge and what is it about?

The viral challenge is to find the mistakes, person, animal, object, word or number in the picture. These visual quizzes or puzzles or logic puzzles do not always have a time limit to complete, as in this example.

An optical illusion or mental puzzle is often fun, but it also has real value for scientists. By focusing on the brain, these challenges help scientists understand the inner workings of the mind and its responses to the environment.

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