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We have entered Brigitte Bardot’s former retreat, come visit us!

Her spectacular beauty and style revolutionized an era and marked a before and after not only on the silver screen, but also in the world of fashion. Her blonde hair, fringe, black eyeliner… Brigitte Bardot set the trends. And she had that “something” that soon made her a cover girl.

In fact, she was a cover girl long before she was famous. That’s when, at 14, she began her career as a model for Elle magazine. But her fame didn’t come until 1956. It was thanks to her role in the movie “And God… made woman”. Since then, its rise has been meteoric.

Beyond the myths, however, she is an activist who has dedicated almost her entire life to the defense of animal rights, today through the foundation that bears her name. The French actress and singer has always had a passion for nature. The proof is this magnificent rustic chateau, which she used as a holiday home.

This sublime property in France’s Alpes-Maritimes region, which includes part of the exclusive Côte d’Azur, has just been put up for sale for nearly €6 million.

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Would you like to visit the interior?

An incredible mansion with centuries of history
Brigitte Bardot’s former mansion, called “Le Castelet”, is a place full of history. Its origins date back to the 16th century, but it has remained untouched since then. According to AD magazine, it was renovated between 1998 and 2001.

The actress moved here in the late 1950s after her divorce from director Roger Vadim. Although she lived in the property for some time, she eventually decided to make it her own resort.

The main stone building is located in Peymeinade, a 30-minute drive from Cannes, and is divided into four different levels that are connected by an elevator. The house itself occupies no less than 350,000 square feet, with eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

In addition, there is a guest house with five bedrooms and a privileged environment, including vineyards.

Elegant living room with rustic details

The very spacious living room combines two different but perfectly connected styles. The aim was to give the whole room a sophisticated and elegant look while retaining some rustic elements. This is demonstrated by the decision to leave the wooden beams exposed. A detail that adds to the naturalness of the building and preserves its essence.

In the same vein is the wooden table that defines the dining area, complete with a few chairs, also made of wood, vintage.

Although part of the floor is carpeted, it shows a reddish tile that seems more typical of the exterior than the interior. This certainly confirms that the boundaries between the two are becoming increasingly blurred.

Cream tones dominate the whole room, as the curtains show, and the impressive and original chandelier hanging from the high ceiling catches the eye.

Source : Capture Instagram

The coexistence of old and new:

In this next image we can more clearly admire the second part of the living room, dominated by a light marble fireplace, decorated with a large mirror with a gold frame.

This corner is “dominated” by champagne tones, bright armchairs and sofas.

A glass table with dark lines has been placed in the middle, helping to give even more space to this already spacious room.

Also striking are the wooden beams on the ceiling and retro-style decorative touches such as a portrait with a dark background and high-quality rugs.

To the right is an impressive staircase with black iron railings, reminding you that this is a grand house built of stone. And a beautiful red carpet leads to the other rooms.

In this way, the original soul of this more than 100-year-old house is preserved, but without sacrificing modernity.

Source : Capture Instagram

Bright rooms:

As in the living room, the wooden beams in the bedroom were left exposed to give the room a rustic and elegant feel. What really makes this space special, however, is its brightness, which was achieved thanks to the large windows that surround it.

The thick curtains and furniture play with the chromatic champagne that is also present in the window lines.

On one side of the bed is a bedside table with a lamp. And a little further on, a wooden console table with an antique effect.

On the other side is another living area with a white sofa, a table with a stone-like top and a dark grey rug.

Source : Capture Instagram

Minimalist stone bathroom:

The bathroom is a stone’s throw from the bedroom, separated only by a glass door. A room that is also a tribute to the origin of the house. It’s a room that is a homage to the bathroom, but is also a room that is a homage to the bathroom. The floors and washbasin are made of stone, a material widely used in rustic style.

The decorative line is very simple, minimalist. A basket made of natural fibres, a carpet and a square mirror are the elements chosen to decorate this room.

Source : Capture Instagram

A pool that meets the horizon:

There is no shortage of pools in the castle, such as the one on the top floor. Indeed, this is no ordinary pool. Located at ground level, it has an open visual impression and its crystal clear water merges with the horizon.

There are several hammocks on one side and a table with a mosaic top and iron structure on the other. Chairs with simple lines are made of the same material.

Another advantage of this fabulous object is its surroundings. In addition to the vineyards, there are trees that create a haven in the middle of nature.

Source : Capture Instagram

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