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What does it mean when a cat rubs up against you?

Cats need to secure their territory to feel comfortable and safe. You may have noticed that your cat has a habit of “marking” places. For example, they rub their face or side of their body against walls, furniture or your legs. It’s their special way of making sure their territory smells good.

Buzzing or fetching prey can be one way to show affection. But do you know why a cat rubs against you and what it means?

Now that we have a solid foundation on the bond between cats and their owners, you’ll want to know more about their behavior and the meaning of what they do. For example, when they rub against you, they are Marking you as their territory!

Why is the cat rubbing against you?

When a cat rubs against you, it is because it is marking you. In other words, he is telling you that he recognizes you as a member of his family and that he will recognize you by the scent he leaves on you. This is because he has skin glands that secrete odorous substances in certain areas of his body, such as his cheeks, soles of his feet, chin, back, and the base of his tail.

What does it mean when a cat comes up to you and pet you?

Another meaning of this designation is to ensure that his territory is his own. If your cat rubs her face, back, and sides against certain places in your house, she’s telling you that those places are her territory!

On the other hand, if you notice your cat rubbing against you when you’re out of the house, he’s probably trying to mark you again. This is because it does not recognize the foreign smells that you return with. If your cat does this, it means she accepts you as part of her environment. That means she likes you! However, this pleasant feeling is determined only by your relationship with her.

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