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Why do cats make a lot of noise when mating?

Cats are very curious animals. When these domestic felines mate, they attract people’s attention with their loud mating noises. Especially cats when penetrated. Are they doing it for pain? In this article, we will explain what happens to these pets.

If you have witnessed two cats mating.Then you know they make a lot of noise. In fact, the meowing begins when the females are in heat. This is to attract the attention of males. The males then respond by meowing and courtship begins.

But it is during copulation that the scream is most clear and loudest. Many people wonder why cats make so much noise when mating. We will tell you the answer that will surprise many.

Kittens can start mating as early as 5 months of age. In contrast, males reach this maturity somewhat later, between 9 and 12 months. It is obvious that female cats are in heat. In addition to the characteristic meow, there are many other signs that a cat is in heat. For example, licking, lifting the tail, etc.

All it takes is a small disturbance for the cat to run out the window in search of a relationship. That is why it is so important to sterilize the cat. Especially if you want to avoid unwanted pregnancy. And we have to be responsible if we don’t want to contribute to the abandonment of stray cats.

Is mating painful in cats?

Cat penises are prickly. Yes, you read that right! A cat’s genitalia are covered with small, cornified spines. These are used to stimulate ovulation in females. These penile spines trigger ovulation. In addition, the thorns prevent the penis from slipping during sexual intercourse.

Contrary to what some people think, thorns do not hurt the cat and do not cause bleeding. They only induce a neuroendocrine stimulus that causes the release of the hormone (LH). This hormone begins to work between 24 and 36 hours after intercourse.

After copulation, the behavior of the female is very dramatic. As the male begins to retract his penis, the pupils dilate. And 50% of females emit a high-pitched scream. After mating, most females attack the male very aggressively and then turn around and lick his genital area for 1-7 minutes.

Now you know why cats make a lot of noise when mating!

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