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Why do dogs bark at some people more than others?

This is why dogs bark at some people more than others.

Barking is the most common way dogs communicate with other dogs, animals and people.

This expression varies according to the dog’s attitude. The tone, frequency and volume of barking can vary depending on the situation in which the animal is.

Barking can communicate different feelings such as fear, anger, playfulness or hunger. However, no one knows why some dogs tend to repeatedly bark at some people and not at others.

Why do dogs bark more at some people?

One of the reasons why dogs repeatedly bark at humans is their ability to sense whether they like humans or not.

Veterinarian explains that “the same thing happens with dogs as with people”. Indeed, there are people who prefer them and others who don’t.

According to an expert, the way a person smells, walks or talks is a determining factor for the perception of a person.

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Dogs tend to be territorial

That is why they react as soon as they feel a violation of their living space. Their instinct for self-preservation makes them react differently. The result is barking.

“Dogs tend to be very territorial. And a lot of times they just bark at people they don’t know. Especially when they’re intruding on their safe space,” the vet explained.

Dogs often become members of the family, rather than just pets. Therefore, in this belief, coupled with traditional beliefs, dogs are sometimes said to have that special sense that shows when a person coming into the house is “harmless.” Or vice versa, when he does not have good intentions.

However, experts have shown that these animals, like humans, tend to make their own judgments about the people they meet. So when they decide to bark at someone, it’s definitely because they don’t like them.

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