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Why do dogs like to be at our feet? Find out why

The best part of the day has arrived: the evening. It’s the time when you sit in front of the TV and your dog lies down… at your feet! But why does he always do the same thing? Sure, it’s a nice gesture in cold weather. But why do dogs like to lie at our feet?

What’s the secret of dogs sleeping at our feet? What makes them so comfortable? Let’s find out in this article on the subject.

Why do dogs like to sit at our feet?

This “mania” The reasons may be several, some of them may even need to be addressed with a veterinarian. For example:

They love you

Animals are not as complicated as we are. Also, the reason why our companions like to sleep or sit at our feet may be because they like us.

Your dog loves you. So he can’t wait to come home to see you. And after that feeling of loneliness and abandonment, he wants to spend the evening with you, glued to your feet to feel you and sense your presence.

Feeling safe

Your dog may be insecure or very frightened. In fact, sleeping at your feet is more common in puppies or newly adopted dogs. It’s really a way to feel protected as they seek our protection.

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It is dominant

You may have allowed your dog You may have allowed your dog to do whatever he wanted, and now he feels dominated by you. Standing on your feet may be a way of telling you that he is above you.

If you think this is the case, you need to apply the principles of hierarchy and stop him from doing it. You have to actually teach him to listen and be by your side, but never above you. This will not be easy for an adult dog. However, with love, perseverance and patience you will succeed.

You are all he has

From the moment you adopt a puppy, you become his family his home, his world, his everything. Where else would our dog want to sleep but at our feet?

It’s that simple. So it’s a way to feel that he is part of something, that he wants to be with you, as close to you as possible. And to feel that he has someone who loves him, and to let that someone know that he loves him too.

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He can be jealous

If your dog has never slept at your feet and suddenly does, ask yourself if something has changed in your life. For example, you’ve brought home another pet. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cat, a hamster or another dog, though it would only make the situation worse.

Maybe you were single and now have a girlfriend or boyfriend, or maybe you were married and had a baby. If these changes have occurred and our dog starts sleeping on our feet, it’s clear: it’s jealousy. Go to the vet and he can advise you on how to change this behavior.

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