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Why do dogs tilt their heads? Here’s the answer from the experts

You’ve probably seen it in the movies or even at home: when you call your dog, he tilts his head to one side. This behavior is actually related to the dog’s ability to remember details that seem significant and important.

Why do dogs tilt their heads?

A study showed that dogs tilted their heads when remembering details that seemed important to them.

Researchers came to this conclusion after analyzing videos from around the world in which dog owners asked their pets to bring them a toy by name.

While 33 dogs failed to learn the name of any new toy even after months of training, seven dogs did. Whiskey, a female border collie, was able to identify 54 toys in a very short time.

Most curious, The researchers noticed that all 40 dogs tilted their heads during the tests and decided to investigate the causes of this behavior.

Indeed, they found that the best dogs bowed their heads 43% when asked to report a toy by name. The remaining dogs tilted their heads only 2% of the time.

You might be wondering which way they usually tilt their head. However, researchers have found that this varies from dog to dog.

Source : Capture Instagram

Another theory says that dogs tilt their heads to listen to us and understand us better.

You’ve probably already asked yourself this. why did your dog shake his head when he heard certain sounds. Many of us thought it might be because they don’t understand what we’re saying. It’s true in a way.

They lean into it. When they don’t recognize or understand a sound, they tilt their head back to hear it better.

Another aspect of this head movement is that according to the latest research, dogs are able to identify up to 165 human words and count to five. So if you’re talking to him and he tilts his head slightly, it could be because you’re saying a sentence he’s never heard before. He doesn’t know her. If you repeat it to him with different words, he will definitely understand it better!

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